• Diamond cut diamond: "Eintracht" - "Shakhtar"

    "Eintracht" became the winner at the group stage 6 times, but these were its last winnings, and it lose to "Shakhtar". Before it, the club saw off two times "Lacio", "Appolon" and "Olympic", which were the finalists of past season.

    As to "Shskhtar", the club won only one time German team "Hoffenheim". "Shakhtar" players couldn't beat "Lion" at the sixth tournament to get a playoff - the score of the game was 1:1.

    Once the clubs came across on the first round of UEFA 1980/81 Cup. "Eintracht" lose, the score was 0:1 (game in Donetsk), but came back in Frankfurt - 3:0. "Shakhtar" players won 4 times in 9 plays in Germany. But in the same country "Bayern" didn't leave a rag on "Shakhtar" in the last-16 of Champions league-2014-15 - 0:7.