• Dynamo – Olympiacos: zero-sum game

    The match which has already happened between Dynamo and Olympiacos inspires optimism about that their re-match will be more fruitful.

    In Piraeus, we saw strong- willed match, since the Ukrainians gave no quarter to their opponents. “Dynamo” couldn't win, although it was unlikely to be the candidate for the winning, but it could come back a couple of times during the match.

    In general and in common, Dynamo make a good impression with their game, except for two things: defense and attack. Dynamo team personnel came experimental, that's why these weak points were formed.

    Kadar prepare for the upcoming match in no way, and it means that the situation with the defense and attack is still the same.

    So we rely on the halfback of the host and skills of Dynamo leaders who can provide a good result for their team. Moreover, the opposing team does not seem impenetrable, but you should not underestimate it.