• "Lion" and "Barcelona" - in the anticipation of the sensation

    The match between "Lion" and "Barcelona" was surrounded by increased attention. By all indications, the Catalans seemed indisputable leaders, but the French were able to beat Manchester City and scored 4 points. That is why all еру football fans were looking forward to the match between this two teams.

    “Lion” distinguished in the match with “Barcelona” in order not to be afraid of top clubs. Bruno Génésio correctly studied the opponent, and his players realized their coach’s tactics on the playing field. Barcelona showed many attacks and efforts to shoot a goal, but many of them wasn't successful.

    But “Lion” didn't shine on the field, to some extent, of course, thanks to the efforts of “Barcelona”. But at the same time it played punctual, obviously adhering to the tactics of "not to miss".

    The fact that the match ended "love all" does not give any ground for the assumptions, but everyone understands that at the Camp Nou Barcelona has high chances of winning, and the Catalans can "catch up" for the upcoming month. And it will be expected if the players Ernesto Valverde will differ with several goals.

    In spite of this, no one denies the probability of unexpected turn of the events. “Lion” probably won't be shy and go on the attack in Barcelona. And if it's crowned with the success, “Barcelona” will get into the difficulties.