• Will Massimiliano Allegri leave Juventus?

    Not so long ago, “Juventus” receded from the position in the match against Atletico and now it faces dark prospect of leaving the tournament, which may entail the resignation of Massimiliano Allegri.

    As “Juventus” is already very successful team, the club administration at the moment dreams only of the Champions Cup.

    But only 4 years ago everything was not so rosy. When Massimiliano Allegri came to the team, no one considered “Juventus” a strong opponent. But after a long work, even the Champions League final was within its scope of abilities, although it never took the main trophy. And after 2 years, reaching the final was already expected prospect.

    Last year, Juventus got Cristiano Ronaldo, and this event surprised everyone quite a bit. This was done in order to finally win the Champions League.

    At the moment, tournament players need to play with “Atletico” with a score of 0:2, so we can say that now, “Juventus” will save only еру supernaturals. A departure from the last 16 after getting Ronaldo, who cost the club quite expensive, perhaps, the administration won't forgive Allegri. In addition, for the team it will be the second loss in a row.

    Once there was already a similar situation, but then the coach of “Juventus” was able to settle everything and his contract was prolonged. But now it will be very difficult.