• Jürgen Klopp: Three times past "Bayern"

    It all started in 2008, when Uli Hoeneß - the president of the Munichers, first agreed in accordance with the work with Klopp, but still Jürgen Klinsmann became the coach of the club, who was discharged in April 2009.

    The administration of the club started to discuss actively the matter in accordance with the appointment of Klopp to the position of the coach in Autumn 2015, because the contract with Spanish coach Josep Guardiola would be expired in the end of the season.

    But in the same time, the coach position was set freein "Liverpool", and Klopp was appointed to this position in "Liverpool".

    Finally, last summer, Italian Jupp Heynckes - the coach of "Bayern" declare about that he was going to leave the club and the administration wanted to offer this position to Klopp, but their idea was unsuccessful. The agent of intangible coach - Mark Kositzke said, that his leaving from "Liverpool" was impossible.

    Niko Kovač was appointed to the position of the coach of "Bayern" and gained certain results: 10 winnings, one share of the points and one loss.

    "Liverpool" of Kloppan began its season successfully, however receded from the position in its end.

    An what about todays match? Many predict a loud victory for Bayern over Liverpool, but Klopp declared that for his team it is more important to win ин the Premier League than in the tournament.