• Juventus and Atletico - meeting of the gladiators

    Football fans in one voice asserted that these two teams, worthy of the final, had no luck in the draw. Juventus and Atletico are great tactics, so the match resembled the place of the battle of gladiators from the first minutes.

    In spite of the loss, Atletico showed an excellent game worthy of respect. If there wern't the skill of the football players, everything could have ended in a big score than 2:0.

    Diego Costa distinguished within the match. Thanks to his aggressive game, he often rescued the team. And let this time the rescue did not happen, but there was something to see.

    Forvar earned yellow card and, much to the fans' chagrin, shot past the opponent's goal, after Grismann's pass.

    Of course, Juventus, had its own match plan, but it didn’t work. The most dangerous moment within the matchexactly was the penalty kick, when Cristiano hit under the crossbar. Before that, he and Dybala diligently was hit on their legs and weren't allowed to “roam” properly.

    And then, from the hip of the Portuguese, the second goal of the match was shot against “Juventus”.